Making the Most of Life 2008

Making the Most of Life, after a hiatus, will be re-launched in October 2008 with the first major regional staging of this award-winning event.

The proposed location is the Mornington Peninsula. The focus of the event will continue to be recreation and leisure activities for the Over 50's. The proposed date remains October 1st, to celebrate the UN Day for Older People.

The Great Recycled Expo 2008

2008 will mark the return (pardon the pun) of the Great Recycled Expo - Ten Years On. Following the enormous success of this event in 1995, and with increased interest in the area of Recycling, the Environment and Alternate Energies, Emjay Projects will be re-staging this event in a location on the Mornington Peninsula with corporate and private sponsorship.

The event will showcase State-wide exhibits of corporate & cottage industry recycling, with an emphasis on the different recycling techniques companies and individuals are currently developing and utilizing.

All events listed here belong to Emjay Projects and the client concerned, and are protected under international patent and copyright laws. Please contact Marg by clicking here if you wish to know more.

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